Feb 28 Games

It is my understanding some game schedules have changed for this weekend.

PLEASE GO BY WHAT YOUR COACH SAYS!  This is the best way to make sure you are where you are supposed to be when you are supposed to be there.  I will try to get the corrections on here, but please know that your coach is better with information than I am sometimes and COACH KNOWS BEST!

Thanks!  Make the last week a good one!

February 28 Game Schedule

Boys Major
Feb-28 9:00 Thunder vs Spartans Vincent New
Feb-28 11:00 Rockets vs Warriors Vincent New
Feb-28 1:00 Lakers vs Mavericks Vincent New
Feb-28 2:00 Cavaliers vs Outlaws Vincent New
Boys Junior
Feb-28 8:30 Spurs vs Thunder Caldwood
Feb-28 9:30 Rockets vs Wizards Caldwood
Feb-28 10:30 Heat vs Warriors Caldwood
Feb-28 11:30 Jaguars vs Rockets Caldwood
Feb-28 12:30 Ball Hawks vs Ducks Caldwood
Feb-28 1:30 Gators vs Cardinals Caldwood
Feb-28 2:30 Knicks vs Bulls Caldwood
 Feb-28 3:30 Nets  vs Yellow Jackets Caldwood
Boys Primary
Feb-28 8:30 Thunder vs Timberwolves Regina Howell
Feb-28 9:30 Cowboys vs Wildcats Regina Howell
Feb-28 10:30 Ball Hawks vs Rockets Regina Howell
Feb-28 11:30 Gators vs Hoyas Regina Howell
Feb-28 12:30 Spurs vs Jayhawks Regina Howell
Feb-28 1:30 Cavaliers vs Bears Regina Howell
Feb-28 2:30 Jayhawks vs Cardinals Regina Howell
 Feb-28 3:30 Kryptonians  vs Seahawks Regina Howell
Girls Major
Feb-28 10:00 Her-i-canes vs Legacy Vincent New
Feb-28 12:00 Wildcats vs Her-icanes Vincent New
Feb-28 12:00 Blue Diamonds vs Suns Vincent New
Girls Primary
Feb-28 9:00 Cougers vs Eagles Vincent Old
Feb-28 10:00 Lynx vs Wildcats Vincent Old
 Feb-28 11:00  Jayhawks  vs  Game 1 Winner Vincent Old
Feb-28 2:00 Game 3 Winner vs Game 2 Winner Vincent Old

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Results Pages

I have updated the pages with what I have.

If you see something that is incorrect, please DO NOT email me.  Email your coach, who will email the player agent, who will then email me.

I am only going by what I get from player agents, and I know I do make mistakes.  I try hard to make sure the results are correct.

I have not gotten any results from girls primary for week 2 and week 5.  I have not gotten girls majors results all season.  That is why these two leagues aren’t current.

February 21 Game Schedule

Boys Senior
Feb-21 9:00 Bombers vs Spurs Vincent-New
Feb-21 10:00 Dream Team vs Beaumont Vincent-New
Feb-21 11:00 Wolverines vs Outlaws Vincent-New
Feb-21 12:00 Heat vs Dream Team Vincent-New
Boys Major
Feb-21 9:00 Thunder vs Outlaws Legacy-Old
Feb-21 11:00 Mavericks vs Warriors Legacy-Old
Feb-21 1:00 Spartans vs Rockets Legacy-Old
 Feb-21 2:00  Lakers  vs Cavaliers Legacy-Old
Boys Junior
Feb-21 8:30 Warriors vs Ball Hawks Caldwood
Feb-21 9:30 Wizards vs Nets Caldwood
Feb-21 10:30 Bulls vs Jaguars Caldwood
Feb-21 11:30 Gators vs Heat Caldwood
Feb-21 12:30 Yellow Jackets vs Knicks Caldwood
Feb-21 1:30 Ducks vs Spurs Caldwood
Feb-21 2:30 Cardinals vs Thunder Caldwood
Boys Primary
Feb-21 8:30 Bears vs Thunder Regina Howell
Feb-21 9:30 Spurs vs Gators Regina Howell
Feb-21 10:30 Rockets vs Hoyas Regina Howell
Feb-21 11:30 Ball Hawks vs Cardinals Regina Howell
Feb-21 12:30 Wildcats vs Cavaliers Regina Howell
Feb-21 1:30 Seahawks vs Cowboys Regina Howell
Feb-21 2:30 Timberwolves vs Krytonians Regina Howell
Girls Major
Feb-21 10:00 Suns vs Her-icanes Legacy Old
Feb-21 11:00 Wildcats vs Blue Diamonds Legacy New
Feb-21 12:00 Wildcats vs Legacy Legacy Old
Girls Primary
Feb-21 9:00 Jayhawks vs Lynx Legacy New
Feb-21 10:00 Eagles vs Wildcats Legacy New

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February 14 Game Schedule

Boys Senior
Feb-14 9:00 Outlaws vs Dream Team Vincent-New
Feb-14 10:00 Wolverines vs Bombers Vincent-New
Feb-14 11:00 Beaumont vs Heat Vincent-New
Feb-14 12:00 Bombers vs Spurs Vincent-New
Boys Major
Feb-14 10:00 Outlaws vs Warriors Legacy-Old
Feb-14 12:00 Lakers vs Spartans Legacy-Old
Feb-14 2:00 Rockets vs Thunder Legacy-Old
Boys Junior
Feb-14 8:30 Jaguars vs Yellow Jackets Caldwood
Feb-14 9:30 Spurs vs Cardinals Caldwood
Feb-14 10:30 Gators vs Ball Hawks Caldwood
Feb-14 11:30 Heat vs Ducks Caldwood
Feb-14 12:30 Thunder vs Warriors Caldwood
Feb-14 1:30 Knicks vs Wizards Caldwood
Feb-14 2:30 Nets vs Rockets Caldwood
Boys Primary
Feb-14 8:30 Bears vs Cowboys Regina Howell
Feb-14 9:30 Timberwolves vs Seahawks Regina Howell
Feb-14 10:30 Jayhawks vs Rockets Regina Howell
Feb-14 11:30 Hoyas vs Spurs Regina Howell
Feb-14 12:30 Kryptoians vs Cavaliers Regina Howell
Feb-14 1:30 Thunder vs Wildcats Regina Howell
Feb-14 2:30 Gators vs Ball Hawks Regina Howell
Girls Major
Feb-14 9:00 Blue Diamonds vs Legacy Legacy Old
Feb-14 11:00 Her-icanes vs Legacy Legacy Old
Feb-14 11:00 Wildcats vs Blue Diamonds Legacy New
Feb-14 1:00 Suns vs Her-icanes Legacy Old
Girls Primary
Feb-14 9:00 Wildcats vs Cougars Legacy New
Feb-14 10:00 Lynx vs Eagles Legacy New

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February 7 Game Schedule

Boys Senior
Feb-07 9:00 Bombers vs Beaumont Vincent-New
Feb-07 10:00 Heat vs Outlaws Vincent-New
Feb-07 11:00 Wolverines vs Dream Team Vincent-New
Feb-07 12:00 Outlaws vs Spurs Vincent-New
Boys Major
Feb-07 9:00 Rockets vs Mavericks Legacy-Old
Feb-07 10:00 Cavaliers vs Warriors Legacy-Old
Feb-07 12:00 Thunder vs Lakers Legacy-Old
Feb-07 2:00 Outlaws vs Spartans Legacy-Old
Boys Junior
Feb-07 8:30 Bulls vs Wizards Caldwood
Feb-07 9:30 Jaguars vs Rockets Caldwood
Feb-07 10:30 Gators vs Thunder Caldwood
Feb-07 11:30 Knicks vs Nets Caldwood
Feb-07 12:30 Cardinals vs Ball Hawks Caldwood
Feb-07 1:30 Heat vs Spurs Caldwood
Feb-07 2:30 Ducks vs Warriors Caldwood
Boys Primary
Feb-07 8:30 Rockets vs Cardinals Regina Howell
Feb-07 9:30 Cavaliers vs Cowboys Regina Howell
Feb-07 10:30 Jayhawks vs Gators Regina Howell
Feb-07 11:30 Hoyas vs Cardinals Regina Howell
Feb-07 12:30 Seahawks vs Thunder Regina Howell
Feb-07 1:30 Wildcats vs Kryptonians Regina Howell
Feb-07 2:30 Spurs vs Ball Hawks Regina Howell
Feb-07 3:30 Timberwolves vs Bears Regina Howell
Girls Major
Feb-07 11:00 Her-icanes vs Blue Diamonds Legacy Old
Feb-07 1:00 Suns vs Legacy Legacy Old
Feb-07 3:00 Suns vs Wildcats Legacy Old
Girls Primary
Feb-07 9:00 Jayhawks vs Cougars Legacy New
Feb-07 10:00 Lynx vs Wildcats Legacy New
Feb-07 11:00 Eagles vs Jayhawks Legacy New

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January 31 Game Schedule

Boys Senior
Jan-31 9:00 Beaumont vs Bombers Vincent-New
Jan-31 10:00 Outlaws vs Dream Team Vincent-New
Jan-31 11:00 Beaumont vs Spurs Vincent-New
Jan-31 12:00 Heat vs Bombers Vincent-New
Jan-31 1:00 Wolverines vs Spurs Vincent-New
Boys Major
Jan-31 9:00 Outlaws vs Rockets Legacy-Old
Jan-31 11:00 Lakers vs Warriors Legacy-Old
Jan-31 1:00 Mavericks vs Thunder Legacy-Old
Jan-31 12:00 Cavaliers vs Spartans Legacy-Old
Boys Junior
Jan-31 8:30 Yellow Jackets vs Bulls Caldwood
Jan-31 9:30 Thunder vs Heat Caldwood
Jan-31 10:30 Nets vs Bulls Caldwood
Jan-31 11:30 Cardinals vs Ducks Caldwood
Jan-31 12:30 Warriors vs Gators Caldwood
Jan-31 1:30 Wizards vs Jaguars Caldwood
Jan-31 2:30 Rockets vs Knicks Caldwood
Jan-31 3:30 Spurs vs Ball Hawks Caldwood
Boys Primary
Jan-31 8:30 Kryptonians vs Bears Regina Howell
Jan-31 9:30 Thunder vs Cowboys Regina Howell
Jan-31 10:30 Hoyas vs Jayhawks Regina Howell
Jan-31 11:30 Cardinals vs Spurs Regina Howell
Jan-31 12:30 Timberwolves vs Cavaliers Regina Howell
Jan-31 1:30 Seahawks vs Wildcats Regina Howell
Jan-31 2:30 Gators vs Rockets Regina Howell
Girls Major
Jan-31 10:00 Wildcats vs Her-icanes Legacy Old
Jan-31 12:00 Blue Diamonds vs Legacy Legacy Old
Jan-31 2:00 Suns vs Blue Diamonds Legacy Old
Girls Primary
Jan-31 9:00 Wildcats vs Cougars Legacy New
Jan-31 10:00 Lynx vs Jayhawks Legacy New
Jan-31 11:00 Eagles vs Cougars Legacy New

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