Drafts and practice schedules

Due to some issues with gyms, the drafts were pushed back to this past weekend.  The girls will be drafted tonight.

I will have the practice schedules up as soon as I can get them all typed up and ready to post.  Please continue to be patient.

Primary boys schedules and pages should go up tonight with the others to follow this weekend.  Please keep checking back as this year the website is new so things have to be done slightly differently.

Updates are put on Facebook as soon as I know about changes because I can always get to Facebook and cannot always get to the website.  If you have not joined the group, please do so and tell your friends who might need to as well.  If you are new to Facebook, please send a message to me so that I know you are not a spammer.  (Spammers look like new members because they show no friends in common with the page and sometimes no friends at all and some personal information is left out.  That’s how I tell the difference.)

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How to Use this Website

Once we get the teams all drafted, team pages will be added to this site. So how do you find them?

Go to BLD 2014-15 on the menu:


Next, click on TEAMS:


Then find the league your player is in:


While these pages currently are not available to select, once the coaches have drafted, pages will begin to appear as they are built.  This may take a few weeks to get all of the built and ready to view, so please be patient.

Each team page will have all pertinent information for your team: practice schedule, coach contact information, gym locations and once the game schedule is out it will be added.  As the season goes along, the weekly results will be uploaded as soon as all of the information is received.  All information should be up by Tuesday during the season.

All information that is posted to this site is always available if you scroll down the page.  Use the menu as it also has all of the information you need.  In moving this to a new platform, our hope was that it was easier to navigate and keep up with what is going on with Beaumont Little Dribblers.

Thanks for all of your patience as we have had some glitches getting the season off the ground.  Without your help and understanding we could not continue to provide this league for your kids!

What to do now that tryouts are over

Sit back and relax!

Now that all tryouts have been completed, coaches will get together to draft teams.  Drafts will begin on Sunday, Nov. 16 and will be completed by the end of the week.

If your player missed tryouts, his/her name will be placed in a “hat” to be drawn at coaches discretion throughout the draft.  Please be assured that if you have paid for your player to play, HE OR SHE WILL BE DRAFTED TO A TEAM.

Once all drafts have been completed, coaches will begin calling parents to notify them of when and where practices will be held.  Expect to get a call before Thanksgiving.  If you have not received a call, please notify someone as soon as possible.  We may not respond until after the Thanksgiving holidays as we will all be spending time with our families.

We know you are all ready to know what team your child will be on and we will notify you as soon as we can.  Please be patient as our coaches have jobs and families and will be doing their best to get you the information you need in a timely manner.