BLD on Social Media

In addition to Facebook, Beaumont Little Dribblers now has a presence on Instagram – BUT YOUR HELP IS NEEDED!

First…follow us on Instagram at bldbasketball.

Next…take lots of pictures at games!¬† No one can be at all games, so it takes everyone working together to make it happen!

Then…if you have an Instagram account, you can add them there and tag us as you upload the picture.

But…if you don’t have Instagram and still want to share pictures, either share them on Facebook or email them to

Let’s all work together to share what a great organization Beaumont Little Dribblers is!

Be On The Lookout!

Information about registration will be on the website soon. Please keep an eye out for that to be updated.

Online registration will begin on October 1st and the link to register will be on the website and on Facebook as soon as we have it to share. We will also hold a in person registration sometime towards the end of Oct. The times and dates has yet to be determined. There is a try-out then a draft a few weeks after registration closes. (All kids will be drafted to a team)

First day of practices will be on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. First game will be the Second Saturday in Jan of 2016.

For any other questions, please either post on the Facebook page or send email to the person you want to address the question to.