Holiday information

~~~~~ IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR COACHES ~~~~~Uniforms will be ready for coaches after the holidays, probably the 1st or 2nd week of January. You will get a call from Cocomo Joe’s when your team uniforms are ready to be picked up. Jerseys are numbered 1-9 from smallest to largest on each team. No number requests. 
ALL BISD SCHOOLS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE DURING THE HOLIDAYS. No organized practices are to be held during the holidays by any team. Any unauthorized practices are unfair to teams that may not get to practice.

Game schedules will be on the website sometime during the next week or so. Please allow time for this to be completed as it is the holidays and it takes time to get correct. If you see any mistakes when they are posted, please email me so I can address them quickly. 

COACHES AND PARENTS: No one with BLD will be answering any questions during the holidays. Please allow us this time to spend with our families. Any questions can wait until after January 4th. Please do not send emails or text messages as they will not be answered. Check with the website periodically for your team information.
The first game of the season for all teams will be on January 16th.  
Have a safe and happy holiday!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Beaumont Little Dribblers!