~~~~~ GYM RULES ~~~~~

We are GUESTS of BISD and as such we have rules that need to be adhered to. 

NO ONE is to be on the stages in the gyms…ESPECIALLY at Regina Howell and Caldwood. The schools have made this request so we MUST keep kids off the stages. 
Siblings need to stay off the gym floor during practices. ONLY PLAYERS AND COACHES need to be on the floor and ONLY PLAYERS AND COACHES need to be bouncing balls. Any extra kids on the floors create chaos for the coaches which makes it hard to practice. If at all possible, please do not bring siblings to practice. Repeated requests by coaches or player agents to parents to keep siblings off the floor will result in practices being closed…meaning parents and siblings will not be allowed in the gyms during practices. 
If there is any school equipment (balls, floor mats, etc.) in the gyms, please do not allow anyone to play with or on this equipment. 
Do not drag chairs across the gym floors as this scratches the floors. 
Once your practice is over, please leave the gym as soon as possible so that the next teams can begin their practice. If coaches want to have a short meeting, this needs to be done off the playing area of the floor or outside. We have already had complaints of it being hard to practice because of parents hanging out on the court. 
Do not bring food or drinks in the gyms. 
Not adhering to any of these gym rules could get us banned from using BISD gyms so we depend on your cooperation. 

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