What do tryouts involve?

Tryouts are really simple and nothing for your player to fret over. First of all, it’s just an evaluation.

They will be asked to go through some simple basketball moves…chest pass, bounce pass, dribble, shoot from outside and from free throw…no one is expecting perfection, just for them to try. EVERY CHILD WHO HAS REGISTERED WILL BE DRAFTED TO A TEAM.

Once it is your child’s turn, it will take less than 30 seconds for them to complete their turn. They are then free to leave.

As I said in a previous posts, coaches will call after the draft. If you have not received a call by Jan. 2nd, contact Jay Anderson (preferably by EMAIL)  and he will call the coach. PLEASE ONLY CONTACT JAY…it causes lots of confusion if parents say kids are on the same team when they might not be and coaches start getting calls. LET THE COACHES CALL YOU. Please do not share other people’s phone numbers. Once you know your coach, you will have that contact information.

We know who the coaches will be by tryouts. If you marked head coach on your volunteer form, you will be contacted before tryouts. Jay will call you. Again, LET HIM CALL YOU.

Most importantly, let your kids know that BLD is about fun. We are not a competitive league. Our main goal is to teach basketball skills and to teach teamwork so that they can take those skills to the next level, be that middle school or AAU.

Right now, relax and know that we have been doing this for a while and we will let you know what’s next. I try to put information here, but sometimes I forget until I’m reminded by a question.

Please read through all posts before sending an email or private message because most likely, the answer is either here or somewhere on Facebook. I got the information back on the website under the BLD 2017-2018 link.