Patience. Please.

I have to say this because the questions I am getting are repetitive. Let me make a few things clear….

1. We do not have dates for registration yet. We are working on securing gyms first.

2. I can’t tell you when tryouts will be because we haven’t had registration yet.

3. We don’t know when team practices will be because that is not determined until after we have had registration and tryouts and teams have been chosen.

4. Practice times are determined based on when coaches are available. Since we have no coaches, or teams, we have no practice times.

5. When we do have all those things in place, your practice time could be any time Monday through Friday. Younger kids practice earlier than older kids.

6. We don’t know who the coaches will be. Depends on who volunteers.

7. We are not a competitive league so kids don’t stay on the same team year-to-year.

8. Games have always been, and will continue to be, on Saturdays…starting sometime in late-January to early-February.

9. Information is relayed as soon as it is confirmed. It does no one any good to speculate on anything.

Patience is a virtue. Please be patient as we get things worked out so that the kids have the best experience possible. This is all about the kids.

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