Tryout Information

  1. Each player must participate in tryouts.  Only the president or other official designated by the president may waive this requirement if good cause, such as illness, exists.
  2. Team assignments may be announced on or before the last week in November.
  3. Teams will practice no more than two (2) evenings per week with each practice session being one (1) hour in duration or one (1) evening per week for 1 1/2 hours.  Practices will be as scheduled by BLD and may begin the first week of December.
  4. Games will be played as scheduled and may be played on Saturdays between the second weekend of January through the second weekend of February.
  5. Practices and games will be at local area schools.  Schedules of dates, times and locations will be furnished at the appropriate times.
  6. All children will be given the opportunity to play at least two (2) full quarters of play.
  7. Based on interest, tournament teams may be formed at season’s end by high school district residence.  To be eligible for National Tournament Play (March to June), players must be 8-13 and must play one half of the regular season games.  Participants on tournament teams may be required to participate in fundraisers and/or pay fees.

The following ball sizes and goal heights will be used by the league:

  • Boys & Girls Primary  –  27.5″ Junior Ball, 8.5 ft. goal
  • Boys & Girls Junior  –  28.5″ WNBA Ball, 8.5 ft. goal
  • Boys Major  –  29.5″ Regulation Ball, 10 ft. goal
  • Girls Senior  – 28.5″ Regulation Ball, 10 ft. goal
  • Boys Senior  –  29.5″ Regulation Ball, 10 ft. goal