Team Pages Being Built – Slowly

coming soon

Team pages are built!!

All pages have the team names/coaches names and links to where the schedules will be posted. Each page is showing a “Coming Soon” graphic that will be changed to a team logo (that will be chosen by the admin) that will either be from a pro/college team, or if one cannot be found will be replaced with a generic graphic. Logos will not be accepted from coaches parents. Once the pages are completed, they are completed.

Check back often to see if your team’s information has been added.

Week 1 Game Schedule

Boys Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:30 Bucks vs Bulls Regina Howell
9:30 Lions vs Thunder Regina Howell
10:30 Huskies vs Jayhawks Regina Howell
11:30 Heat vs Hornets Regina Howell
12:30 Avengers vs Grizzlies Regina Howell
1:30 Energy vs Gators Regina Howell
2:30 Tigers vs Timberwolves Regina Howell
3:30 Rockets vs Gators Regina Howell

Boys Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:30 Rockets vs Spurs Caldwood
9:30 Pelicans vs Warriors Caldwood
10:30 Lions vs Mavericks Caldwood
11:30 Wildcats vs Wizards Caldwood
12:30 Hurricanes vs Jayhawks Caldwood
1:30 Bulldogs vs Cavaliers Caldwood
2:30 Knicks vs Marlins Caldwood
3:30 Raptors vs Rebels Caldwood

Boys Major

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Cardinals vs Heat Marshall-New
10:00 NL Dreamers vs Dream Team Marshall-New
11:00 Outlaws vs Express Marshall-New
12:00 Hoopsters vs Hurricanes Marshall-New

Boys Senior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
1:00 Young Guns vs Beaumont Marshall-New
2:00 Kings vs Outlaws Marshall-New
3:00 Cobras vs Lakers Marshall-New

Girls Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Comets vs Lightning Marshall-Old
10:00 Queens vs Storm Marshall-Old
11:00 Sparks vs Lightning Marshall-Old

Girls Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
12:00 Fillies vs Jayhawks Marshall-Old
1:00 Heat vs Eagles Marshall-Old

All schedules now available


All game schedules are now on the website. I made a few changes to how you find them:

All divisions are under the TEAMS menu. When you hover over this menu, you will see a list of divisions (BOYS SENIOR, BOYS MAJOR, etc.).


You then hover over the division you are interested in and you will see either a list of teams


or, for BOYS JUNIOR and BOYS PRIMARY, you will see them broken down farther into division I and II


with team names when you click on the division.


Once you find your team click on that name and you will see your team schedule.


To see the rankings once the season starts, just click on the division.


I promise this is easier. Less clicking and faster loading time.