Week 3 Game Schedule ~ UPDATED!!!

Boys Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:45 Heat vs Timberwolves Regina Howell
9:30 Bucks vs Lions Regina Howell
10:30 Energy vs Jayhawks Regina Howell
11:30 Hornets vs Avengers Regina Howell
12:30 Gators vs Grizzlies Regina Howell
1:30 Hornets vs Tigers Regina Howell
2:30 Bulls vs Thunder Regina Howell
3:30 Rockets vs Huskies Regina Howell

Boys Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:45 Pelicans vs Wildcats Caldwood
9:30 Wizards vs Warriors Caldwood
10:30 Raptors vs Rockets Caldwood
11:30 Knicks vs Bulldogs Caldwood
12:30 Cavaliers vs Marlins Caldwood
1:30 Jayhawks vs Mavericks Caldwood
2:30 Lions vs Hurricanes Caldwood
3:30 Spurs vs Rebels Caldwood

Boys Major

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Hoopsters vs Pony Express Austin-New (Pathways)
10:00 Heat vs NL Dreamers Austin-New (Pathways)
11:00 Cardinals vs Dream Team Austin-New (Pathways)
12:00 Hurricanes vs Outlaws Austin-New (Pathways)

Boys Senior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
1:00 Beaumont vs Cobras Austin-New (Pathways)
2:00 Young Guns vs Outlaws Austin-New (Pathways)
3:00 Lakers vs Kings Austin-New (Pathways)

Girls Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Sparks vs Storm Austin-Old (Pathways)
10:00 Lightning vs Queens Austin-Old (Pathways)
11:00 Comets vs Sparks Austin-Old (Pathways)

Girls Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
12:00 Heat vs Fillies Austin-Old (Pathways)
1:00 Jayhawks vs Eagles Austin-Old (Pathways)

Week 2 Game Schedule

Boys Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:45 Avengers vs Lions Regina Howell
9:30 Energy vs Rockets Regina Howell
10:30 Huskies vs Tigers Regina Howell
11:30 Timberwolves vs Jayhawks Regina Howell
12:30 Bulls vs Hornets Regina Howell
1:30 Bucks vs Heat Regina Howell
2:30 Grizzlies vs Thunder Regina Howell

Boys Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
8:45 Rebels vs Rockets Caldwood
9:30 Jayhawks vs Lions Caldwood
10:30 Raptors vs Spurs Caldwood
11:30 Pelicans vs Wizards Caldwood
12:30 Bulldogs vs Marlins Caldwood
1:30 Cavaliers vs Knicks Caldwood
2:30 Warriors vs Wildcats Caldwood
3:30 Hurricanes vs Mavericks Caldwood

Boys Major

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Outlaws vs Hoopsters Marshall-New
10:00 Heat vs Dream Team Marshall-New
11:00 Hurricanes vs Pony Express Marshall-New
12:00 NL Dreamers vs Cardinals Marshall-New

Boys Senior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
1:00 Kings vs Young Guns Marshall-New
2:00 Lakers vs Beaumont Marshall-New
3:00 Cobras vs Outlaws Marshall-New

Girls Primary

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
9:00 Comets vs Storm Marshall-Old
10:00 Sparks vs Queens Marshall-Old

Girls Junior

Time Team Vs. Team Gym
11:00 Fillies vs Eagles Marshall-Old
12:00 Jayhawks vs Heat Marshall-Old

Schedules Being Added 

Game schedules are being added to the website over the next few days. Boys Primary are live now. Please check your team to make sure there are no errors….I try, but I’m only human. 😐

Boys Junior will be live sometime tomorrow night, Major and Senior Friday, and all Girls Saturday. 

Holiday information

~~~~~ IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR COACHES ~~~~~Uniforms will be ready for coaches after the holidays, probably the 1st or 2nd week of January. You will get a call from Cocomo Joe’s when your team uniforms are ready to be picked up. Jerseys are numbered 1-9 from smallest to largest on each team. No number requests. 
ALL BISD SCHOOLS WILL BE UNAVAILABLE DURING THE HOLIDAYS. No organized practices are to be held during the holidays by any team. Any unauthorized practices are unfair to teams that may not get to practice.

Game schedules will be on the website sometime during the next week or so. Please allow time for this to be completed as it is the holidays and it takes time to get correct. If you see any mistakes when they are posted, please email me so I can address them quickly. 

COACHES AND PARENTS: No one with BLD will be answering any questions during the holidays. Please allow us this time to spend with our families. Any questions can wait until after January 4th. Please do not send emails or text messages as they will not be answered. Check with the website periodically for your team information.
The first game of the season for all teams will be on January 16th.  
Have a safe and happy holiday!!! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Beaumont Little Dribblers!


BOYS PRIMARY is TUE, NOV. 17 at 6:15
BOYS JUNIOR is MON, NOV. 16 at 6:15
BOYS MAJOR is MON, NOV. 16 at 7:15
BOYS SENIOR is WED, NOV. 18 at 6:15
GIRLS PRIMARY is MON, NOV. 16 at 6:15
GIRLS JUNIOR is MON, NOV. 16 at 6:15
GIRLS SENIOR is MON, NOV. 16 at 7:15
Players will be put in alphabetical order for tryouts. Tryout consists of passing, dribbling and shooting. Each player will take about 2 minutes. Tryouts for each division will only take about 45 mins. to an hour. PLEASE BE EARLY SO WE CAN GET THE PLAYERS LINED UP AND READY TO GO ON TIME.


If you started a registration online but did not finish and pay, please know that at this point YOUR PLAYER IS NOT REGISTERED.

We WILL NOT REOPEN REGISTRATION for anyone to complete a registration. If you are still interested in registering a player or players, you must come to IN-PERSON REGISTRATION on TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 10 at MARSHALL MIDDLE SCHOOL.

Registration will begin at 6:15 p.m. in the new gym. Please bring birth certificate and payment (cash or check only). Information about tryouts will be available at registration. Please save any questions for Tuesday night. We are in the process of sorting online registrations so we are unable to answer questions at this time.

Be On The Lookout!

Information about registration will be on the website soon. Please keep an eye out for that to be updated.

Online registration will begin on October 1st and the link to register will be on the website and on Facebook as soon as we have it to share. We will also hold a in person registration sometime towards the end of Oct. The times and dates has yet to be determined. There is a try-out then a draft a few weeks after registration closes. (All kids will be drafted to a team)

First day of practices will be on the first Monday after Thanksgiving. First game will be the Second Saturday in Jan of 2016.

For any other questions, please either post on the Facebook page or send email to the person you want to address the question to.